Integrated Planning


The Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis supports the implementation of the University's Integrated Resource Planning Framework which helps support the University’s planning efforts. The IRP Framework provides a clear articulation of priorities, objectives and actions; ensures consistency between the Key Strategic Planning Documents and Divisional/Faculty/Unit plans; identifies cross-institutional opportunities for collaboration; and aligns our academic plans with resource allocations. The role of the Office is to provide the tools, training and support to help realize the Integrated Resource Plans.

We continue to facilitate the achievement of the University's goals by:

  • Aligning University resources with strategic and academic priorities; and
  • Creating an administrative framework:  structures, processes, tools, plans and measures necessary to accomplish this.

Key Strategic Documents

York's key planning documents and initiatives identify common objectives and priorities and provide the foundation for the IRP framework at the university.

Planner Resources

The following resources will assist you with your planning process and will help you align your resources to the University’s strategic and academic priorities.