Enrolment and Resource Planning

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Enrolment and resource planning activities are essential to the development of the University's strategic enrolment and budget plans and other directional documents. The Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis (OIPA) strives to provide objective, accurate and timely strategic enrolment planning, management and resource planning information, analyses and strategies across the University:

Strategic Enrolment Planning

Strategic enrolment planning (SEP) activities are central to the development York’s strategic enrolment plan and budget plan and to the achievement of the goals identified in York’s University Academic Plan (UAP), White Paper, and Strategic Management Agreement documents. SEP is a priority in the Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis and we are committed to achieving optimal enrolment through a coordinated, integrated and collaborative approach.

  • OIPA provides leadership and advice on best practices for data-driven, goal-oriented strategic enrolment planning.
  • We take a leadership role in providing a common structure and coordination of enrolment planning activities across the entire institution to ensure that Faculty-level enrolment plans are reflected in the institutional enrolment plan, and vice versa.
  • We design and maintain institutional enrolment projection models to accurately predict future enrolments in support of institutional and Faculty-specific strategic enrolment plans.

Strategic Enrolment Management

Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) is the well-planned, coordinated and integrated design and delivery of the many critical building blocks we need in place to achieve strategic enrolment goals through an excellent student experience, from recruitment through graduation and beyond. OIPA is mandated to take a leadership role in developing and implementing a SEM data and intelligence vision, strategy and plan.

  • OIPA provides on-going support in the form of information, analysis and advice for central and Faculty-level SEM activities, which include a range of activities that influence students’ initial and continued enrolment and success.
  • OIPA collaborates with Faculties and the Division of Students to ensure that strategic enrolment planning activities and resulting enrolment goals are informed by existing and planned SEM activities, and vice versa.
  • OIPA conducts SEM market research and develops advanced predictive analytics to help York meet its SEM goals and our students their academic goals. We also use quantitative and qualitative analyses to inform evaluations of SEM initiatives.

Resource Planning

  • OIPA is involved in medium- and long-range Faculty complement planning and develops resourcing models and tools to help manage teaching resource needs on a multi-year basis.
  • We undertake institutional capacity analyses to inform enrolment goal-setting and resource allocation decisions (e.g., faculty load and availability, space and seat occupancy utilization, course demand, instructional delivery technologies, service scalability, human resource skills/competencies).
  • Collaboratively with University Information Technology (UIT), we develop, implement and maintain the Academic Resource Management System (ARMS) which is a web-based application that manages the end-to-end academic resource planning process for the University.