Performance, Accountability & Reporting

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York University is committed to accountability and transparency in setting goals and measuring performance and will demonstrate this through publications of its performance. The Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis will support the University’s mandate and on an annual basis, will make data available about York’s performance. These data are intended to inform discussion, strategies and decision making and to create and maintain a culture of performance and accountability. Included in this section are a series of reports and results that measure York’s progress and achievements towards its academic and strategic goals.

Publications and Reports

Strategic Mandate Agreement

The Strategic Mandate Agreement between the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and York University outlines the role the University currently performs in Ontario’s postsecondary education system and how it will build on its current strengths to achieve its vision and help drive system-wide objectives and government priorities.

MAESD Key Performance Indicators

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development requires that institutions make available data regarding default rates, graduation rates, and graduate placement rates.

Multi-Year Accountability Agreements

The Multi-Year Agreement articulates the government's goals for the post-secondary education system, and its roles and responsibilities in meeting those goals. The Multi-Year Action Plan sets out York's specific commitments for improving access, equality and accountability identified in the Reaching Higher Measurement and Results Schematic.