Enrolment and Resource Planning

Enrolment and resource planning is essential to the development of the University's strategic enrolment , budget plans and directional documents.  The Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis (OIPA) strives to provide objective, accurate and timely strategic enrolment planning, management and resource planning information, analyses and strategies across the University:

Strategic Enrolment Planning:

  • Provides a common structure and coordination of enrolment management strategies across the entire institution with a goal of long-term strategic enrolment growth and retention of appropriately qualified students.
  • Provides leadership and advice on matters pertaining to strategic enrolment best practices and data­ driven, goal oriented strategic enrolment plans; enrolment management strategies that align with academic models and service goals; and provides direction on the design and maintenance of an enrolment projection model to accurately track enrolment and predict future enrolment in support of the institutional Strategic Enrolment Plan.

Strategic Enrolment Management:

  • Provides on-going project management support to Strategic Enrolment Management activities which include a range of activities that influence a student’s initial and continued enrolment, including academic programs, policies, processes, and organizational structures.
  • Develops and maintains a dedicated, secure web presence for a "self service" Strategic Enrolment Management Site.
  • Supports the University SEM governance and its committees.

Analytics and Evaluation:

  • Tracks and monitors student lifecycle enrolment performance metrics.
  • Establishes standard institution-wide data definitions and reporting standards associated with enrolment performance that encompasses the entire student life-cycle at the institutional level and by priority student segment.
  • Clarifies strategic research questions to support ongoing SEM planning efforts (strategic and tactical).
  • Develops and implements a strategy and plan for assessing the impact and return on investment of approved strategies for implementation included in the SEM Plan.
  • Undertakes institutional capacity analyses to inform enrolment goal-setting and resource allocation decisions (e.g., faculty load and availability, space and seat occupancy utilization, course demand, instructional delivery technologies, service scalability, human resource skills/competencies).
  • Conducts operations research to track the success of specific marketing, recruiting, retention and success tactics and strategies.
  • Facilitates third party-based market research (e.g., market opportunities analyses, applicant studies, student attrition/causation studies, student satisfaction studies, leavers and graduating student studies).

Resource Planning:


  1. Strategic Enrolment Planning
  2. Resource Planning and Management