Strategic Enrolment Planning

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Strategic Enrolment Planning (SEP) is central to the achievement of the University Academic Plan (UAP), White Paper, and Strategic Management Agreement goals.  SEP is a priority in the Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis and we are committed to achieving optimal enrolment through a coordinated, integrated and planned approach.

In March 2013, York University initiated an enrolment planning process under the sponsorship of the Provost and strategic leadership of the Vice-Provost of Students with a view to developing a comprehensive, integrated and actionable strategic enrolment management (SEM) plan that is aligned with the University’s strategic plans and academic directions.

The strategies presented in this SEM Plan are driven by institutional objectives to strategically position York University for continued success. Throughout the plan, strategies have been identified for building capacity in strategic enrolment intelligence at each stage of the student life cycle—inquiry, applicant, admit, enrolled through to graduation and beyond—and for each priority student segment.

York has developed an IRP framework and associated systems to support University-wide planning and resource management. This is a point of leverage on which to build and align an enrolment intelligence strategy and plan that supports the implementation of the SEM Plan and the broader aspects of ongoing SEM planning (i.e., environmental scanning, enrolment goal-setting, strategy development, performance monitoring and assessment of return on investment (ROI) of strategies implemented).

Through the creation of the SEM plan the University designated the Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis the enrolment intelligence champion who assumes the leadership role in developing and implementing an enrolment intelligence vision, strategy and plan to support:

  1.  Enrolment goal-setting
  2. Tracking and monitoring enrolment KPI's and measures of success
  3. Developing enrolment strategies
  4. Managing enrolment performance
  5. Assessing ROI of strategies implemented
  6. Informing resource allocation decisions
  7. Build an Strategic Enrolment Intelligence Blueprint
  8. Approve standard institution wide data definitions for enrolment analysis reporting
  9. Identify options for addressing data/research analysis and reporting gaps that leverage staff and system capabilities across functional boundaries
  10. Facilitate campus-wide training, interpretation and use of generated analyses and reports