New to IR Planning?

What is Integrated Resource Planning?

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) is a framework that brings structure, measurement and accountability to an organization’s planning and budgeting process. It helps align strategic priorities with organizational resources; communicates priorities in a clear and transparent manner, and enables an organization to reach its strategic objectives efficiently and confidently.

What is the value of Integrated Resource Planning?

It allows York planners to manage effectively within a large complex organization and provides the means to be accountable to all of its constituents.

NEW to Integrated Planning?

The Integrated Resource Plan development process is intended to provide a framework for a discussion of priorities within a single planning area, throughout each Division, and across Divisions. As such it is intended to prompt broad discussions of what various groups are doing to move forward the common goals of the UAP

  1. York Mission Statement
  2. Provostial White Paper (PDF)
  3. University Academic Plan 2010-2015 (Senate) (PDF)
  4. Faculty Academic Plans
  5. Strategic Enrolment Plan
  6. Faculty Complement Plan
  7. Capital Plan
  8. York University's Strategic Research Plan 2013-2018 (PDF)
  9. Recruitment Strategy
  10. Budget Plan
  11. IT Strategy

Division/Faculty/Unit Integrated Resource Plan:The IR Plan is a three year rolling plan. The IR Plan has two components: the planning framework portion documents the vision, mandate, core functional areas, guiding principles, planning context and relationship with government; the action plan portion documents priorities, objectives, strategies, measurable and accountability information.


Continuous evaluation allows planners to assess how well they are progressing toward their established objectives to make conscious adjustments to project plans to reassess expectations. Planners are asked to evaluate their progress against their IR Plan 6 month into the planning period and near the end of the planning year.

  1. IR Plan Evaluations
  2. Performance Management Plans (PMP)