More about IRP


The following principles will guide the implementation of the IRP framework at York University by the Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis (OIPA).

The OIPA will:

  • Root its work within an institution wide focus.
  • Provide transparent processes, timelines, summary plans and results to the York community.
  • Ensure processes and procedures are defined and applied in a consistent manner across the organization and at all levels.
  • Develop formal documentation to guide processes and planning requirements.
  • Ensure process, planning and result accountability to the York community that appropriately reflects Divisional reporting lines of the University.
  • Establish frameworks that make information available for decision making, planning and reporting purposes in a timely manner.


Membership:   President (ex-officio); VP Academic & Provost; AVP Academic and Vice Provost; VP Research & Innovation; VP Finance & Administration; VP Students; VP University Relations; Executive Director, OIPA; CIO

Terms of Reference:

  • Provides strategic direction and oversight to IRP implementation and related processes
  • Approves IRP implementation priorities and timelines
  • Approves administrative IRP committees and structures *
  • Strikes sub-committees and/or working groups when required to manage large/complex IRP initiatives
  • Makes recommendations to President on committee structures to support broader institutional planning context
  • Reviews accountability and review measures
  • Monitors progress towards IRP goals/objectives
  • Mobilizes access to resources (people) and information from key areas across the University
  • Members are IRP champions by providing: consistent messaging about IRP framework to the community; a supportive environment for change; mentoring to their respective teams to think about how to work in a fully integrated manner.

* Additional committees to support IRP may be proposed in the future should the workload exceed the established committee's approval, review and advisory capacity.


York University's commitment to Integrated Resource Planning is the product of a large scale review of the University's budget process begun in the Spring of 2006 under the leadership of the Vice President Finance and Administration.

The Budget Process Review was designed to determine whether York's existing budget processes, allocation frameworks, and reporting mechanisms supported strategic planning and consequently advanced the University's academic and strategic goals as effectively as they might. The review was prompted both by a determination to ensure that the University had the tools it required to respond to an increasingly constrained financial environment and by the recognition that the University's budget process needed to be able to accommodate growing internal, governmental, and public demands for accountability.

The Budget Process Review revealed that, while York's budget process was characterized by a number of strengths, there was no formalized process to link the various planning activities at the University and resource allocations were not effectively aligned with the achievement of strategic priorities.

The outcome of the review (York University Budget Process Review Final Report (PDF)) was a single overarching recommendation: that York adopt a fully integrated approach to resource planning. In the spring of 2007, York University embarked upon the implementation of this Integrated Resource Planning [IRP] framework. This approach to planning was subsequently endorsed by President Shoukri as the basis on which all budget planning and decision-making would move forward.