IRP Framework

York University is committed to developing and operating within an Integrated Resource Planning Framework.

The critical elements of Integrated Resource Planning include:

  • Clarifying where we want to go: Key Strategic Planning Documents
  • Assuring alignment of planning activities: Cycle Alignment
  • Providing concrete plans on how to get there: Integrated Resource Plans
  • Identifying how resources align with priorites: Priority Based Resource Alignment
  • Providing measures for accountability likeĀ  KPIs and PMPs

Relationship of the IRP to other Strategic Documents

  • The Integrated Resource Plan bears a close relationship to the Provost's White Paper, University Academic Plan (UAP), Faculty Academic Plans and other Strategic Plans (e.g. Research Strategy, IT Strategy ).
  • The Provostial White Paper is linked to the development of a broader series of strategic plans including Enrolment, Complement, Infrastructure, Capital and Operating Budget Plans ensuring that a clear definition of York's academic goals determines how the University will move forward across all operational areas.
  • The White Paper, UAP, Faculty Academic Plans and other Strategic Plans are intended to identify priorities and key directions. They are aspirational.
  • The Integrated Resource Plan, on the other hand, is intended to breathe life into this Strategic Plan or Plans by setting out what the Division, Faculty, or unit intends to do to move forward its goal within a specific timeframe given available resources. It is an implementation plan that outlines the steps and initiatives that will be undertaken to fulfill the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan.
  • The UAP and Faculty Academic Plans are academic documents. The former is a Senate endorsed document which sets out the collegium's view of the University's priorities in line with its overarching strategic vision. The latter are Faculty-level documents, each endorsed by the Faculty's Council, that set out each Faculty's priorities in line with the UAP goals.
  • The Integrated Resource Plan, in contrast, is an administrative document.
  • This reflects the bicameral nature of the University.