IRP Evaluation

Measurement /Accountability

An integral part of Integrated Resource Planning is the establishment of firm accountabilities. It is through the rigourous evaluation of progress that the University can determine how well it is doing in support of defined goals and objectives.

IR Plans Evaluation

The key to effective planning is continuous evaluation: a commitment to monitoring progress against plan. It is this evaluative component that breathes life into the planning process and makes the Integrated Resource Plan more than just another form that needs to be completed.

In each cycle's plan, planners are asked to list the key results or measures that will mark their progress forward towards related objectives. Planners are asked at the mid point and end point of the cycle to evaluate the progress they have made. This periodic evaluation allows planners to assess how well they are progressing toward their established objectives to make conscious adjustments to project plans and to reassess expectations.

Key Performance Indicators

There are three mandatory institutional KPIs set by the government that all Universities must report on: 1) OSAP default rates; 2) degree completion rates; and 3) employment/placement rates.

Work to develop institutional level KPIs and associated targets related to White Paper 2010-2010 benchmarks, University Academic Plan 2012-2015 and the SMA 2014-2017  is underway and will be shared with the planners as they are approved.

An enhancement made to the 2012‐2015 IR Plan template is an additional field to put Divisional/Faculty/Unit level KPIs and targets. Within this field, Divisions, Faculties and units are asked to identify 3‐5 overarching KPIs associated with the University’s priorities as well as Faculty and unit level plans. Some areas have a set of KPIs they use and other areas do not. The White Paper benchmarks provide a good starting point for Divisions and Faculties to develop their KPIs associated with measuring their success. Note that KPIs are not intended to summarize strategy milestones rather data associated with larger outcomes associated with university/Divisional/Faculty/Unit level priorities and have targets associated with them.

Performance Management Program (PMP)

  • Reading your IR Plan will help you understand your Division/Faculty/administrative unit's priorities, objectives, strategies and measurables.
  • PMP is a facet of IRP and it is designed to help individual managers link their own activities /roles to their Division, Faculty or unit's goals and to the White Paper and UAP.