About Integrated Resource Planning


Following the direction of the Integrated Resource Planning Steering Committee, the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIPA) is responsible for putting in place the administrative structures, processes and accountability measures required to implement and maintain an integrated resource planning framework that supports the achievement of the University's goals.

Working collaboratively and consultatively with planners across the University in all Divisions, Faculties, Departments and major administrative units, OIPA coordinates the implementation of the Integrated Resource Planning Framework as outlined in the March 2007 Budget Process Review Project Final Report. This involves:

  • Facilitating the alignment of University resources with priorities by providing relevant, timely, information to decision makers and bodies.
  • Providing a predictable/stable resource planning framework for Divisions, Faculties and units.
  • Developing a common University-wide multi-year budget planning time frame.
  • Establishing an accountability framework and reporting mechanisms for the achievement of priorities.
  • Developing/exploring business models for strategic initiatives.
  • Training and mentoring University community members on IRP planning, policy, process and resource allocation activities.
  • Making information available and assisting others in the dissemination of information to the broader community.
  • Communicating regularly with the University community on IRP priorities, activities, and accomplishments.
  • Providing a platform for community input into IRP activities and processes.

Important Notes:

  • The OIPA does not set University priorities.
  • The IRP framework complements the work of the University’s governing bodies by demonstrating progress towards the achievement of institutional goals through rigorous standardized accountable administrative practices and processes.
  • IRP is not meant to change the existing decision-making processes and structures of the University but to enhance and support them.
  • OIPA initiatives will be implemented within the overall financial management framework of the University.
  • IRP is intended to complement and support normal lines of leadership, reporting and accountability.
  • The OIPA does not assess performance against plan for Divisions/ Faculties/ or Units; this is the responsibility of the respective Division/Unit/Faculty head and/or committee

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